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Do you have a brilliant idea for an offer, but don’t know how to get it to connect and convert to sales?

Build Your Sales Offer

Attract your next $5K without wasting more time with powerhouse coach, Dr. Ali Griffith

The ultimate virtual masterclass to help you get crystal clear designing on your "stand out from the crowd" offer—from the first steps to the final product. 

Monday, March 27th, 2023
at 7:00 pm EST, 6:00 pm CST, 4:00 pm PST

Do you have a brilliant idea for an offer, but don’t know how to create it to stand out from the crowd?

You’ve dreamed about building something that is yours and visualized putting your name to a unique and lucrative business that will bring you financial freedom and create a legacy to pass down through generations.

You will receive simple strategies to help you get crystal clear on your offer’s fundamentals—from the first steps to the final product.


A clear roadmap with steps that will work for developing any type of offer—so you can eliminate the guesswork and press PLAY on your business.


A one-hour activation session that you can complete in one sitting—so you can stop waiting, stop worrying, and start CLOSING. 


Execution steps to get you moving from where you are now—so you can move confidently into your business’s next stage.

Sound familiar?

It sure sounds familiar to me—I’ve lived all those experiences. So you can believe me when I tell you:

Your dreams are still achievable...

Delay in Success finally struck you.

Your Bad a$$ offer must be a: 

☑  Powerful product that’s going to positively impact the lives of all who use it. 

☑ One of a kind program that will shift mindsets and behavior of all who receives it.

☑ Transformation service that's going to change lives and legacies.

Life altering event that's going to catapult dreams and goals.

But inspiration isn’t enough.

Developing an out-of-this-world offer like yours takes time… and time is a precious resource you never seem to have enough of. And it’s all too easy to get bogged down by the details and unknown factors.

Maybe, this is your brand’s first big offer, and you don’t know where to start. Or maybe it’s been a while since you developed your last one, and you need a refresher on the process. No matter where you are, I can help you refine your offer and visualize your next steps

It's Time to Join in for the

Build Your Sales Offer Masterclass

I’ve taken dozens of offers from humble beginnings to huge success—and I’ve packaged my process into a FREE, masterclass that’s simple enough for any entrepreneur to receive and use, no matter how busy or inexperienced you are.

Over the course of about an hour, you’ll learn how to simply design your offer of your ideal qualified clients' dreams, even while navigating your busy schedule and outside responsibilities.

You’ll learn how to stop talking yourself out of launching your own offers, and instead learn how to show UP and cash OUT for your successful legacy.

Most importantly, you’ll learn how to gain financial freedom for yourself and your loved ones, simply by doing what the 7-8 figure experts are masterfully doing and what lights your soul on fire.

The FREE Build Your Sales Offer Masterclass
teaches you five simple and unique strategies to attract your next $5K:

You’ll get the guidance you need to

1. Shift Your Offer Creation Mindset so you can be confident in your "content” while launching your unique offers to the world.

2. The Core 3 Principles of Build Your Sales Offer so you can gain access to the framework and roadmap for repetition in your business.

3. The Signature Build Your Sales Offer Principle, so you can build your own and stand out from others in your niche while making money while you sleep.

4. Create The Unique Offer They Love System -  to spark genuine relationships with client and be heard by the right people who need it the most.

5. Simple Offer Building Tips, to access continuous support and success in your launches and annual money goals.

Plus, you’ll get exclusive access to a special offer that will take your business to the next level. 

Lisa Nichols Testimonial:

The Free Build Your Sales Offer Masterclass will help you to refine your brilliant idea into a full-fledged vehicle for success—whether it’s your brand’s very first offer, or it's tenth.

You’ll get the guidance you need.

I know firsthand how confusing it is to build the right offer that will be the much needed answer for clients' nightmares and challenges—especially when you don’t have a lot of current clients, time or EXTRA money to spare.

But I ALSO know (and studied with the best of the best and learned) the only way to get to the offer that "they" really want… it is going to require some simple researching and deep diving into your offer plan.

I want to help you take action towards the next level to:

Recenter yourself in your business’s unique identity and goals.

Reaffirm all the things that set you apart from your competition and make you, YOU. 

Reacquaint yourself with your target audience’s deepest desires and most urgent needs. 

Refresh your marketing strategy and plan for your financial future.

That’s why you are invited to this masterclass on Monday, March 27th at 7pm EST / 6pm CST/ 4pm PST during Women's Empowerment Month.


Ready to take your offer from inspiration to income?  

Lola Campbell's Testimonial

I’m Dr. Ali Griffith, and I’m here to ignite your inner fire to make power moves.

I’m a published author, transformational speaker, and sales business coach who’s passionate about giving brilliant women like you the tools and systems they need to create legacy, generational wealth, and financial freedom. But more importantly: I’ve been where you are, and I know how to connect.

As a proud mother of a child with autism, I know firsthand how difficult it can be to take the time and energy to invest in yourself and your goals while being a full-time caregiver for someone else.

As a trained audiologist and speech pathologist, I’m trained to listen to my clients and calm their chaos.

As an experienced business coach, I know how to help other driven women rekindle their passion, simplify their strategy, and achieve their goals.

Under my guidance, clients have learned to celebrate what makes them special and transform it into a lucrative and fulfilling brand.

Shavaun's Testimonial

Stop thinking & talking… and start

You’ve spent too long denying yourself of your goals, ambitions, and potential. The KEY strategies you’ll learn in this masterclass are the secret sauce you need to reignite your inner fire and launch the legacy brand of your dreams—even if you don’t think you have all of the clarity.

The perfect time to BUILD YOUR SALES OFFER…is now.

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